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Full Version: Kenmore Stacked Washer/Dryer
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Our Kenmore Washer stops at the rinse cycle (at all three wash settings).
Once we manually move or adjust the control forward (beyond rinse)the cycle completes. Can the wash cycle setting/timer be repaired/ or replaced without removing the entire stack unit? Has anyone else had Kenmore washer issues/solutions?
I replaced the timer/rotary switch on a Kenmore washer several years ago. I went to an appliance repair place in town with the make and model and they ordered a new timer ,that is what they called it, for approx $60. I installed it fairly easily. Apparently these fail regularly.
I did not order the part through sears. They are a common part to many makes. Check with an appliance repair place.
Hope this helps.
Thanks so much... I appreciate your response!!
i buy appliance parts online and they are even cheaper. if you put the model number in you can find the part number

are a couple of them

ditto on appliancepartspros. I've bought from them many times.
Mine did the same thing, I found it was the washing machine door switch was broken, happens when the door gets dropped closed. Put a new switch in and it worked perfectly, was a common problem with the washing machine