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Full Version: I can now drive our rig!
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I received some awesome coach driving instructions today. I can now drive the coach down the interstate, along with the semi trucks, etc and I can back it into a space! I feel really good knowing I can take over if needed. Also, I feel so much more comfortable as a passenger. I recommend getting training for all you co-pilots out there - well worth it. No pressure on the part of the instructor - he was really good.
carol, that is awesome. darlene got 600 miles in on our summer trip.

Thank you! I'm so proud of myself! James was proud too.

Getting hitched at Laverne's Chapel in Miami, OK and coach driver lessons all in one week is interesting.
Well not in the chapel, on the front porch. The alter area looked more like a funeral so outside we went. I know, I know it's a little different.
Congrats on learning to drive and congrats on getting hitched.
Cindy was going to get Glenn to teach her but it was raining the only day she could do it.
Oh well, next time.
do they charge for lessons?

Only what you want to pay. He does it on the side when not delivering a coach.
i missed the gettin hitched part. congrats!!

Congrats on your marriage! What better place to be married for a Newell owner than Miami, OK. Now maybe your experience in driving your Newell will inspire Suzy.
So how did the repaint and new floors project go?
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