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Full Version: jenny fuel return
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Does the generator fuel return go to the aux tank? Want to isolate the the aux tank and run off road diesel in it if so.

It would have to return to the aux. tank to operate off that tank only.
I would guess that would be illegal also, if you can open a couple of valves and run the main engine off of the aux. tank. That being said I have never heard of a motorhome being checked for red fuel.
That's sure something I'll have to look into - however, once one runs red fuel thru a system the red dye stays for a good long while. And they'll be happy to verify that anyway they need to - including opening the system if necessary ( pull a filter, return line, etc. ). Don't know yet about the Newell but a few of my diesel rigs have had clear lines @ some point on the return side - just for verifying that. Once you run dyed fuel the red tint never leaves.
I would think (but have not actually verified) that the return line for the generator goes to the aux. tank since the supply line to the generator comes from the aux. tank on dual fuel tank Newells. If you are going to run off road fuel in the aux. tank, I would definitely remove the connecting tube between the two tanks or remove the valve and plug the two lines. One accidental valve opening and you will have red dye in your main tank. Not a good thing.
You have now met someone who had their fuel checked in their motorhome. 2008 I was w/b on Hwy 2 in Ohio. State troopers had taken over a rest stop & were stopping every diesel vehicle--didn't matter the type. They put a clear tube into my main fuel tank and withdrew a sample. I was ok and went on. They had commercial trucks, rvs and pickup trucks all stopped.
My '93 had the 2 fuel tanks and at least once a year I'd let the main tank get almost to empty then open the auxiliary tank so that I could use that fuel. No way could I ever use 70 gallons in my generator in a year!
I have the twin fuel tanks and unless I am going to be dry camping, I always leave the mix line open between the two tanks. That way, the tanks fall together. Each time I refuel at a truck stop with fill nozzles on both side, I close the valve, start the drivers side pump into the aux tank and start the passenger side pump into the primary tank. When the aux tank cuts off, I move that nozzle to the primary tank also so I am filling from both sides. As the primary tank gets close to being full, I cut off the passenger side nozzle and recap the main tank on that side so that I will not accidentally over flow the main tank. I will say that unless the fuel shutoff malfunctions or the coach is leaning to the passenger side, overflow should not occur anyway but my process minimizes the refuel time while maintaining the safety of the fuel shutoff.