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Full Version: HWH slide room material
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Here are three HWH manuals that will assist in understanding, troubleshooting and fixing problems with HWH hydraulic slides. A synchronizing cylinder is used with the two cylinder salon slides. The bedroom slide is a one cylinder mechanism.

Hope this is helpful........................
That's great stuff Steve. You are a jewel shinning in the dark. I made a copy of all of it.
steve, i think it is only fair for you to come apply your knowledge to help me fix my slide.

Your slide problem has led to me trying to educate myself, but the education is ongoing. My knowledge is limited. I did think of you when I found the material. I thought the last few pages of the synchronizing manual may have some application to your problem.
so does that mean you are coming over?

Take a look at Part 6 on page 7 of the troubleshooting guide as I think this addresses your slide issue. Looks like the check valve may be the culprit.

"so does that mean you are coming over?"

I think there was a misunderstanding. I thought it would be nice if you were closer so we could help each other. Apparently you thought closer meant moving closer to your daughter as you are now 50 miles further away. See you in June.
Thanks Steve. Looks like we may have a hands on slide workshop at the rally. If it's not broke then take it apart and find out why.
Count me in! I think this was the material you were looking for.
Richard you are a scream, but I would be real happy to join in on " a hands on slide workshop".... It's fun taking other peoples stuff apart , lot's of fun !!!
Want me to bring my sawzall? Just in case?
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