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Full Version: What furnace might this be?
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The vents are horizontal. two seen in this picture

[Image: ScreenShot2014-04-02at21959PM_zps795b67ed.png]
Probably 2 separate propane furnaces.
Yes and a 3rd on the drivers side. Any idea of the manufacturer
Maybe an Atwood?
the ones in my 90 were dometic propane. there were 3 of them. i have the manual for them somewhere

Looks like mine, although each of mine have a single and a separate dual opening that looks like the ones you are showing. Mine are Suburban.
Looks like the Surbuan I had. Look in the Hot Hole and check the connecting sleeve is intact, connected. If you don't have a manual there available free on line.
This furnace looks like mine, which is a Dometic. Although they are obsolete, we found a service man in Tampa who repaired two of them. Their problem was largely wasp nests in the tubes. Best to install screens on the outlets (available from Camco).

If it is the Dometic, I think we have the manual.

Newell replaces it with an Atwood; but the cabinet work required is extensive.

Dick Quirk
'89 #197
i went through 3 of mine. tuned them up and cleaned them and changed control boards and rewired them. they are not hard to work on. most of the work is to get them out or to them.

We have Suburban Heaters in our '82, sorry the picture doesn't show enough but ours are vertical instead of horizontal. The one under the Sofa and the one at the rear Closet were the easiest to access and the model numbers were not that hard to get.
Agree with Quirk, the problems with ours were Wasp Nests, After I cleaned them I was able to find the Screens to help prevent this in the future. The Wasp Nest would hinder the Air Flow making the Sail Switch not function.
Dinosaur Circuit Boards were a direct install and greatly improved the operation. The other replacement was a new Fan when one got noisy.

PS while we are discussing Heaters remember that the Square D Heaters were recalled and should be replaced to prevent a fire hazard!