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Full Version: Always Low Temp
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The readout on the main switch panel above the coach cooktop always says Lo scrolling across the little Aqua Hot round screen. It has never been any different since I got the coach and I have had heat most of the time. I have intermittent problems with the amount of heat, usually only luke warm air coming out of the vents. Luke warm hot water sometimes also.Could that be caused by a thermostat somewhere in the Aqua Hot that is not reading correctly and giving this lo temp reading? Any idea what to check to see if I can repair it and what it might be?
The temp gauge if it's like mine in my '98 is just a gauge and sending unit to show the tank temp. My gauge went bad and was reading 0 so I replaced it with a new gauge and sending unit. This post shows the details:

For the lukewarm water let your Aquahot cool down then remove the radiator cap and make sure the level is up to the neck. A common problem is the hose going to the overflow tank develops tiny leaks and sucks air into the tank. The overflow tank will be full but the Aquahot unit will be low. Replace the hose and clamps, fill the Aquahot tank and it should fix that problem, hopefully.
it just means either the wiring, the temp sensor is bad. the same gauge only for my genny is doing the same thing and i ran a separate wire to the sender and it worked.

lo means no signal or below a certain temp. if you had heat most of the time then the gauge/sender or wiring is the culprit

You hit the nail on the head with that call. The tank is low yet the overflow tank is full. I'll change out the hose and clamps tomorrow. Do you know what size hose that is? That's not going to help the electric heat though, is it? I don't get much heat at all, only luke warm air also. Any idea?
Just looked again and there are no clamps on the hose at either end. Probably one problem right there. Is it just regular old anti-freeze that is in the tank?

Coolant is regular engine antifreeze mixed half antifreeze and half distilled water.

Replace 13 pound radiator cap while you are at it and do use constant tension clamps at tank and radiator barb for air tight seal.
Good advice so far. Has a service been done within a year? If not or you don't know it is time. During the service, check your mixing valve as it may be responsible for less than hot water and/or heating air. Here is a guide for the annual service:

If you are coming to the rally you could have Rudy Legett go through your system with you. He is all around good guy & authorized AquaHot service tech! He is also giving a seminar on AquaHot units at the rally. This way when you leave the rally you would know your system was working properly.
Not intending to be a wise guy but there is an obvious connect the dots to the recent post about the solder joint failure mode at the tank. Yes the low coolant level can be caused by the poor overflow connections but also look carefully at the solder joint mentioned in Rudy's post on the AH repair thread. That failure mode explains so many of the mysterious coolant loss posts over the years relative to AH units