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Full Version: When to run or not run AquaHot
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If I only need hot water once every two days, should the AquaHot be left on all of the time on only when hot water is needed? The question pertains to what is best for the life of the unit but also which uses the least amount of diesel. Is there a trade off?
More use is better on the diesel burner. Many problems are the result of under usage. Use of electric is based on who is paying the bill.

If you could leave only the 120 vac element on and turn off the 240 vac electric element and run the A/Cs that would give instant hot water and no diesel used. NOT possible unless your coach is modified to do this.

So, leave all AH switches off till you need hot water. Turn on either electric if you can do without A/C or diesel, your choice.

In the mean time, run the diesel burner through one heating cycle per month to keep fresh diesel on the nozzle. If diesel sits long enough, it will start to dry creating a need to service the burner.
Since we're full timing and currently in Louisiana and need air conditioning 24/7 here's what we do: First thing in the morning while coffee's brewing I turn on electric aqua hot for about 1/2 hour. That gives us enough hot water for 2 showers or whatever else all morning. Then at night either turn on electric or diesel if we take showers at night.
I find that once the temperature is 200 degrees or so then turn off the aqua hot we will have enough hot water for 2 good showers.
I treat the diesel aqua hot similar to the generator. Run at least once a month whether needed or not.
Now in winter or cooler climates if electricity is "free" we leave it on electric. If not then do the same as above.
Thanks, this is the information I needed.
Turn on elc in morning off after showers, never turn it on till next morning, run diesel once a month.
run on diesel everyday .. turn on 15 min before shower and turn off when finished.water will stay hot all day... only use electric when using the heat and never otherwise.
I do the same as Larry. Water takes a long time to cool off. And if one wants to get hot water really fast, cut both electric and diesel on at the same time.
I do not have a two way electrical switch, and I think I will use the diesel in the way Larry and Chappell suggest. Thanks to all for responding.