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Full Version: Aquahot fuel filter
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How hard is it to find the filter?
I have a Fleetguard FS1247 on it now and it's pretty stopped up. So much so that I had a lukewarm shower. The Aquahot wasn't keeping up the temp. and the exhaust had a slight black smoke. The electric element is working fine.
Any auto part stores like Napa, Autozone, etc. carry this?
Forest, I bought mine from Roger. Go to his web and order one or Rudy will be here tomorrow and we can go form there. Maybe get one overnite to you.
Really don't need to pay overnight freight charges. Just hoping to find one locally. We have the usual problem of moving every few days for the next couple weeks. If I can't find one before then I'll order a couple and have them shipped to Creede.
Ive got one Forrest in ouray
Could take a day trip
Driving over to Salt Lake city tomorrow in the truck for a couple days. If I don't find one there I'll call you. Thanks!