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Full Version: aquahot return air
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hi all,

i was reading on roger burkes forum about how you are supposed to have equal return air area as the heater vent grill itself. makes sense.

in looking at mine, i dont see where that is? the vents under the small table behind the passenger front seat doesnt appear to have them.

neither does the heater grill in the kickspace under kitchen counter or the one in the cabinet in the two bathrooms or the bedroom.

the two little ones at the ankles of the driver and passenger up front have a return grill on the side so there is one for each of them.

are they drawing their air from somewhere else? what am i missing?

i have not really used mine to keep warm so not sure how efficient it is but i have heard richard say his heats up really fast.


I think you will find your return air grill under the first entry step. Behind the grill is a filter that may need to be washed out.
i know that is the return air for the air conditioner. i am talking about the aquahot heater vents which in mine are totally separate.

On my coach that is the return air for my AquaHot. I have roof airs though so I guess ours are different.
I think I'm with Steve and Suzy on this one. You can have different outlets and the same return. I had to replace the fan in my AquaHot front plenum and I am farily sure the return for that blower was under my steps using the same area and filters as the basement airs. I had to hunt down all the other AquaHot returns just to satisfy myself Newell did it right, which at the time I decided they did. The sketch is somewhere hiding from me now. I just purchased the filter for under the steps and will install tomorrow. Enough Newell fixes for today........
Could be you guys are right. I will have to check again. Tom
When I pulled my basement airs from my first two bays, I uncovered the return air plenum running from the front wall of the front bay to the rear of the steps. The front heat exchanger for the Aqua hot sits on top of the return air box and you can see the intake in the pic. I removed the return air box so I would have a pass thru front bay after discarding my basement airs in lieu of roof airs. I'm now remounting the heat exchanger on the bay wall and running a smaller return for it back to the air filter behind the mid entry steps.

i have been concerned that the front thermostat does not get sufficient return air to accurately determine the temperature. I considered moving the thermostat into the return air stream, but found it impractical. My resolution was to install a small air fan near the thermostat to blow fresh air toward the thermostat. Has anyone else been concerned with this issue?
Here are a couple more pics of the return air plenum in the center of my front two bays.
I haven't noticed any problem with my thermostat location up front but after I get my blower fan installed for the front aqua hot heat exchanger I will check mine for accuracy.