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Does anyone know the HP of the blower motor, or the Grainger part number for the motor? I think I am losing a bearing in the motor.
My 93 coach has a 1hp 1725rpm motor. Ref. R603473H.

Hope this helps - mine is a 12.5Kw gen.
Richard, I have a Dayton 1hp on mine
Richard, 1HP--1725rpm
Mfg #C978
Mfg Ref R603473H
Amps 13.6/6.8
And large #s on top is 6K810H
NEMA frame is 56

Just found it in the Grainger catalog and the #is 6K810 and the price is $416.75.
Boy they like that little devil.
Thanks. Perfect!
I found an almost direct replacement at Tractor Supply for 230 bucks. The only difference is a rigid mount vs an isolation mount on the old motor. It bolts right up.

But, that's not the whole story. I called Grainger, but I used the 800 number listed on the site when I googled and found the branch here in Amarillo. Guy said, yep, got one in stock. Ok, so I hustle across town to pick it up. Hmmmmm, they don't have it. Counter guy explains that phone reps are instructed to tell callers they have it, even if they don't. He says he can order it. I was not happy. Perhaps I told the counter guy about my feelings about the practice. He apologized, but apologies didn't produce a motor. So I sourced it on my own, and saved about 200 bucks in the process.

Same motor is less than 200 bucks at McMaster Carr, one of the most expensive places to buy anything.
Kharma going for you Richard
I figured there would be one cheaper out there somewhere. Always found Grainger to be a bit higher than anyone else. Hope the replacement has ball bearing.
Temp question on blower motor: Has anyone shot one with an IR temp gun to see what acceptable operating temp would be? We were on the way to Grants yesterday when I noticed gen engine temp seemed high. Pulled over to check on it with temp gun to verify if gauge was accurate. When sliding generator out I felt the blower motor. It was pretty warm to the touch. Temp gun read around 144F. Not making any noise or vibration. Called Newell, they said that they run warm but did not have an acceptable temp for sure. Was hoping one of you guys with a temp gun could post some temps for comparison. BTW the engine temps were around 188F gauge finally settled down to give accurate reading. Must be an intermittent bad ground on it. At any rate bigger fish to fry occurred later in the day. Fan took out radiator & coach had to be towed to Albuquerque. Am talking to Stewart & Stevenson as to if they will warranty based on just getting rebuild done in Oct. Not exactly sure what caused failure yet, bad fan hub, motor mount or just fatigue. Will keep you posted on details.
Sorry to hear of more troubles for you and Fran.....
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