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Full Version: Arizona Fuel Tax Penalty for Big Motorhomes
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I received this message from Escapees:

Diesel Fueling in Arizona
Message from Jim Koca, Advocacy Director
Arizona fuel-tax rates are different from what we may be used to while traveling throughout the United States. This fuel law has been on the books for several years. The law states:

The Arizona tax on gasoline (motor vehicle fuel) is 18 cents per gallon. Use fuel (diesel) is taxed at two rates in Arizona.

-If the use fuel is used in the propulsion of a use class motor vehicle on a highway in this state, the tax rate is 26 cents for each gallon.

-A "use class motor vehicle" means a motor vehicle that uses use fuel on a highway in this state and that is a road tractor, truck tractor, truck or passenger carrying vehicle having a declared gross vehicle weight of more than 26,000 pounds or having more than two axles.

I talked to the Revenue & Fuel Tax Administration Fuel Tax Manager in Phoenix, Az, and asked for the definition of the "passenger carrying vehicle" and he stated that would include a motor home. What this means is those who have a vehicle that has three or more axles or a declared gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001+ lbs are required to use the truck lanes and pay the higher fuel tax. The regular diesel tax is 18 cents. Filling the RV at the regular pumps will subject you to a citation with a steep fine. Arizona has a Fuel Tax Evasion Unit that monitors the filling of vehicles at fuel stations.

Escapees feel that this information should be sent out to all of the members that travel through Arizona.

I would like to thank all of the members who have sent in this information to Headquarters so that we could investigate this issue.
I have always asked when fueling in AZ and every place I fuel at has told me that I qualify for the .08 per gallon refund/discount.
i seldom fit into where the rv pumps are. though at the flying j at 51st ave in phoenix i do

Per Mark Zimmerman, the Senior Division Administrator of the Revenue and Fuel Tax Administration on Oct 10, 2014 sent an email to a Bluebird owner stating that "a motorhome (RV) is NOT subject to the weight fees as provided in ARS 28-5432 and you are allowed to fuel at the $0.18 pump. If you fuel at a $0.26 pump, you should go inside the retail station and request an $0.08 refund from the cashier." He then attached a policy memo (policy 13.2.3), which states exactly what they (AZ DOT) considers a motorhome to be. Section B of that policy specifically states "A motor home is exempt from weight fees unless being used in the furtherance of a commercial enterprise". This policy statement is dated 1 May 2004.

If I can remember, I'll scan and post these documents. It was recommended that every RV'er print and carry both papers when traveling in AZ.
Here is the info. I don't find any thing that exempts motor homes that weigh more than 26,000 lbs.

Here is the letter from Mark Zimmerman:

Here is the statute:

I don't find this sentence quoted in section B of the statute: Section B of that policy specifically states "A motor home is exempt from weight fees unless being used in the furtherance of a commercial enterprise".

Be careful..........................
Why not fill up before entering AZ and not buy fuel in AZ. All our tanks are large enough to do that.
Fuel Police laying for RV owners in AZ...

So much for the RV lane.... if your over 26k lbs...
(10-15-2014, 04:29 AM)qcj Wrote: [ -> ]Why not fill up before entering AZ and not buy fuel in AZ. All our tanks are large enough to do that.

Well the last time I crossed the border from AZ to CA the fuel price jumped .50 per...
Its a loosing battle.. if we go we pay.. or go back to a VW Vanagon...

It's really about NOT Knowing the rules and getting fined because of it.. $1000k fine would really up the travel cost.. Just go thru the truck lanes and your good...
I couldn't get the ADOT motor home policy posted, but I think it soon will be by a person much smarter than I am. I think the whole issue will come down to whether the Enforcement people can qualify a given vehicle as commercial or not. If they can qualify it as a commercial vehicle, then it will pay fuel use taxes. That may be one area that having a vehicle titled to a Montana LLC may cause problems. It's one more thing that may cause an officer to say it's a commercial vehicle, not a private motor home. The original poster that got hit with the $1000 fine was in a toterhome. If it had any kind of business graphics on it, even though it may not have been being used for the business, it was still advertising for said business and would thus be considered a commercial vehicle under AZ laws.

(i added the adot policy that john was trying to do.....and i assure you, i am not any smarter than you....ha) Tom
I have read all of the postings here at least twice, and I do not see any exemption. Mark Zimmerman's email posted on the Wanderlodge site refers to an attachment which exempts motorhomes not engaged in commercial activities. My reading of section B of the law has no such exemption but refers to "use" vehicles as as heavy or three axle vehicles carrying passengers with no reference to commercial activities. Perhaps Mark Zimmerman's attachment is something other than the law. If so, we need it to carry with us. What am I missing?

As to using the Flying J RV pumps, I have been able to refuel at all of them, but I am uncertain if that protects us from the fine.
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