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Full Version: Freeze protection mats?
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I was wondering if Newell used these mats under fresh water tanks, etc? There have been some issues with the tanks getting scorched and the underlying plywood floor being scorched, also. The fix- cut the wires and tape the leads. FYI-
No mats in mine. I have AquaHot and/or a small thermostatically controlled electric heater with fan in the wet bay. The bay is well insulated and an entire zone of the AquaHot is dedicated to keeping it warm with thermostat located in the bay. That said, I try to never have to use that capability :-)

In our Classic '82 we have three sources of heat for the water bay.....electric Cadet heater, Surburban gas furnace heater, or chassis heater. Have been in mid 'teens for weeks at a time and never an issue. The side benefit is our shower is just above the water bay, and when one of the heaters is on the floor is nice and warm when you step in to take a shower!
Just to state the obvious, our '82 was built at the same time as Clarke's and we have a different set-up.
I have an Engine Temperature Transfer, an Electric and the Tankage Bay is Heated from 2 of the 3 Propane Heaters in the Coach. The Suburban Heater amidships (stairwell and shower)and aft (bedroom and head) both feed into the tankage bay when heating the interior. I used to worry about wasting LPG but have since decided to leave well enough alone.