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Full Version: Guru aquahot group help
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Just spent an hour on the phone with Rudy., we were unable to solve the issue, I'm going to Newell Monday. Anyone want to help me trouble shoot?

All the aquahot heater fans come on in the coach and blow cold air..the 3 pumps appear to vibrate when the fans are on. The temp is 200 and the tank is full but no fluid is circulating through any of the three pumps.

The overflow tube had broke has been repaired. Hot water lasts only about 5 mins before it runs out.

Who wants to help guess the problem?

The sun is coming up and more learned minds are available to help, Roger Berke.

Looks like that if the C fuse, the fuse for the all pumps is good which tested good last night, then the pumps have lost their prime. So now that the tank is completely full, rent or purchase a radiator pressure tester, connect to the radiator filler neck, pump up to 13 to 15 pounds and turn the three pumps on.

The tank pressure will force the coolant up into the pumps and once primed they will pump the coolant around the heating loops and will stay primed.

The low coolant may have contributed to the hot water issue. If pumps prime up but the hot water issue continues, then replace the mixing valve for the hot water issue.
Most au top arts stores wilol loan or cheaply rent one to you they ar e easy to use

Partial success. 2 of the 3 zones are currently working. The pressure kit on the tank did the trick. My middle pump seems to have a small leak and I think the leak caused the coolant to run low and air locked the other two. I will keep the middle pump off and run the other two untill I get to Newell monday

If the pump is leaking, Roger has a O-ring kit. The pump is expensive.

Glad to hear you are working.