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Full Version: Haldex pump
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I'm still here at Cabin Diesel, and it looks like I may be here for some time. The hydraulic pump that runs the two radiator fans is a Haldex 1800465 which has a shaft that is 1.5" long. Concentric makes the pump, and that shaft and gear is a proprietary one, which means that it can be a long time for a replacement. One member of the Foretravel forum has suggested that maybe we ought to do a group buy, direct from Concentric. If any of you used this pump please respond to this post, email me or PM me. At this point I'm just trying to find out whether this part is limited to just coaches like mine or whether others use it, too.

I know that everyone is busy for the next few days, and checking forums sometimes has to be delayed. I'll check in as I can.