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My front heat exchanger heats up to temp then shuts down normally. After approx.  10 seconds it cuts in and out repeatedly until I manully turn it off, Checked with Roger and he felt the AH. is working properly but his direction was the thermostat itself.  Any way of checking a thermostat or would it be a replacement item. Any direction to buying a replacement??  It has the cooling and heating switchs in this unit. Does it have to be special to work with the older A/C units ect. It is on my 95 Newell number 372. The second post on roger berke was to check the interior thermostat sensor?  Is that the thermostat itself or is there a hidden sensor I have never seen before?  Mike
First question: do you have the SCS or older Dometic split A/C units? They take different thermostats but only because of the A/C units.
The sensor should be in the thermostat itself.
It appears to be the dometic. Checking amazon ect my thermo number 3105356.004 is none exsistant anymore. It has been cross ref to 3108701.339 but also no longer made. Going to go straight to dometic hoping they have something to change up the unit. Any other thoughts
Not too sure about what thermostats the Dometic units can use. Try calling Newell?
Switch the front and rear tstats and see if the problem follows the tstat.
Is your thermostat an old manual type or a digital display with 4 or 5 buttons?
On my '93 with 3 Dometic split units I had upgraded them to the new board and thermostats with a digital display. But don't know if these are being made anymore.
I seem to remember that someone was able to repair the thermostat? Anybody remember who it was?
tks for your replies. Richards response was to change out thermostats but my mid thermo is the only one with a cooling and heating in one. the front thermo has cooling only, and the mb has heat and cooling separate. I got ahold of dometic and there cure was 3 separate componets, one new thermo, a add on in the cooling section and a patch cord tieing these together. My thermo is a manual style with a switch from cooling to heating with a slide control for temp. The cost from dometic was over $400.00. I am going to call newell, hoping for a easier fix.
Let me look in my parts pile. Forest gave me his old dometic tstats and control boards. I would love to pass them on to a good home if they work for you.

I'll take some pictures and post what I have.
And the control board
We had Newell do our bedroom t-stat which is cool only and galley t-stat also cool only. Our coach is 92 and Dwight had to re-do rear t-stat as fan was on all the time.
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