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Full Version: Rotella Full Synthetic
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Walmart has full syn Rotella on sale for 19.47 per gallon, with a 5 buck per gallon mail in rebate.

That's full syn for the price of dino oil.
I'm heading over. Thanks Richard
Yes, and they also carry Delo 400 5w40 synthetic for the same price, but not all of their stores carry it.
But that is 4 stroke oil? just to calrify
Good clarification, Steve. Multi-weight oil not recommended for 2 stroke DD's.
Only 2 rebates allowed per address.

You can read about it here:
yeah, it's kind of jacked up. Looks like you could get a rebate on 5 gallon containers. Anyway, I turned in my 10 gallons in 1 gallon container. We'll see if they honor it.
i just got the rebate form at tractor supply today and noticed only 2 per address as well

Just for the record, I'm using Rotella full syn in my 8V92TA. So far my oil consumption is way down compared to Delo 100 single grade. I was warned consumption would rise with multi-grade, but has yet to be true through about 4000 miles. It is correct say that this oil is not approved as there is no longer a test engine to approve any oils so no oils can be approved or will ever again be approved. There is no intention to replace the only test engine following its failure. The reality is that all current approvals are dependent upon the oil manufacturer strictly following all the formulation criteria used in the production of the oils that were originally tested and produced the resulting approval.
So, what info pushed you over the edge to try the multi-grade in your 2 stroke?

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