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Full Version: engine coolant lines for dash and aquahot
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hi all,

now that i have my newell home again, it is time to fix a few things.  

i have a coolant leak under the dash and it is not the aquahot.  

it is not obvious to see but i know it is there for several reasons....i have seen it drip under the front cap, i can smell it in the drivers seat and there is spotting on the carpet right at the center of the dash console that juts out.  

in the past i have tightened the coolant line clamps that i can reach under the dash to no avail.  

it is leaking enough now to cause have the coolant level drop in the plastic tank in the back.  

this all started on our trip home from canada the last time we used it.  (yea, too long ago i know )

i thought i would be smart and turn off the valves at the engine in the valve block that goes to the heater core up front....but the valve packing was old and leaked terribly when the valve was shut.  and the valve is in the center of the block so not easy to change.  

i really dont care about a dash heater as we dont really go where it is cold and the aquahot has heaters right at the feet of the driver and passenger and has 2 lines that run to the dash defroster.  

so i think i will just cap them off and see what happens.  

do any of you know if the 2 hoses that go to and from the heater core at the back of the coach go anywhere else?

there are 2 more for the aquahot.

Bay heaters....?
My bay heaters are electric.  I always thought that the two you are talking about go to the dash heater.  Two to the dash and two to the AH.