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Full Version: Double posts?
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I've noticed when making a post that after my post appears on the screen there is a "loading page" circle thingy that appears and if I close that tab it asks me if I want to leave or cancel.  It seems as if it is trying to make a 2nd post. 
I've noticed recently a few double posts from other people.  Maybe there is a bug?
BTW I'm on a macbook....
Me too, Forest. It seems worse lately, but then again I am on an iffy connection right now.

Happened to me yesterday and I thought I deleted second post.
Happens to me too since the website overhaul, but thought it was just me.
I have noticed that the information entered into the reply box does not clear after posting so an extra mouse click (or double click) or hitting the enter key a second time will result in a double post.
Hi all,

We get quite a few emails from forum members about having various problems. with almost 500 members you only have to have a problem once a year and contact us about it and that is more than 1 a day for us. (thankfully we dont get that many) and i totally believe all of them as real. that said, we usually have a hard time seeing the same issue and if we do, often it is not a forum or hosting problem. i have seen the double posting thing and it happened to me once a while a go. i just delted the extra post and honestly didnt think about it again.

remember the internet is a fickle thing and there are a zillion variables on accessing a web site.

we do look at everything that comes to us and determine if we can do anything about it or not.

we do our best to fix things we know how to. that said we are not experts at this and it is a hobby to run the forum for me with the great help of my son scott and michael, forest and clarke. and the real intent is the friendships and help we are to each other on our coaches. not to have the best working forum on the net. (though that would be nice but you would have to be a lot smarter than i am about it)

we do our best to fix what we can, help all of you as much as we know how and keep the forum running as smoothly as we can.

i changed hosting companies and scott spent a great deal of time getting the forum up and running properly on it so we have a great deal more capacity.

so, please be patient and understanding. we are doing our best. it is a labor of love, but the administration of the forum is just a necessary task to associate with all of you.

thanks for your friendship and support and still let me know if we can help you in any way. we will take care of all the issues that we can.


Added auto-merging posts within 5 minutes of each other in the same topic.  Also added a 15 second wait between posts.  These should fix the issues.  Let us know if anything else comes up.  
That should really help Scott. We really appreciate your efforts in setting up and maintaining this forum.
yea, what michael said. thanks scott.

dad....i mean tom
Tom, I thought after laying tile you could use a mental exercise....
It does look nice in the pictures!
Thanks Scott for all that you do to build and maintain the site.