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Full Version: 95 Coach 383 dash heat valve location?
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Hello I recently purchased coach #383 (45' raised roof) and drove it 2500 miles from Florida to my home in Riverside county CA without issue. Lots of power from the Detroit 60! There are some other posts regarding this coach in the for sale section mentioning roof leaks which have now been all fixed. My first problem is the dash heat lever is stuck in full heat position. I have traced the cable behind the fuse panel then down to the fan box in the generator fan compartment. I am trying to find out where the heater valve on the hot water hoses from the engine is located. Also another issue is the location of the dash vent vacuum pump its not working and I cannot locate it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Coach 383
Menifee CA
howdy ryan and welcome.

richard had a 95 and knows them in and out. i had a 90 (now bills) and i think the systems you are talking about are the same as my 90.

if so.....

the vacuum pump may be an air powered one and mine was bad as well. it was attached off of the air lines that went to the front leveling 6 pack of solenoids that are just behind the drivers side headlights.

i replaced mine with a ford diesel 12v vacuum pump and i placed it in the compartment in front of the drivers front tire (yea bill, that is where it is). it ONLY provides vacuum to operate the front dash air controls. (heat and air and vent). the 12v pumps are about 100 bucks or so and are easily available onine.

there is nothing special about them.

that cable that runs from the dash control for the heater/aircon goes to the heater valve that is located behind the front cap on the passenger side and is accessed by taking the panels off to the right of the genny blower. then you reach up in there and you can see it. i had to replace the cable on mine as it had bound up. it is possible you have valves at the back by the engine that allow you to turn off the coolant going to the heater core up front.

if the lever is stuck, it may be the cable or the valve. could be either. the valve is a standard truck heater valve and is 3/4" hose connections and they cost 10 bucks anywhere.

those things are fairly easy to take care of but might take you some time. i know richard had to do similar things to his 95.

The heater valve is located to the right of the accelerator. Follow the cable to the valve. I had the same exact issue with my 95. The root cause in my case was that the cable was too long and had a big loop under the dash. I bought a shorter cable and it had a much smoother arc. They are called boden cables.