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Full Version: Front windshield source
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i need to replace the driver side windshield. Does anyone know a source for the windshield. Mine is a 1997 year model. Thanks
I recently cracked my driver's side windshield. Newell's price is about $400, plus packing and shipping which then totals about $750 and installation is about $250, so $1,000. I plan to have mine replaced by RV Glass Solutions near Eugene, Oregon, later in the summer. If I have it done at either Newell or RV Glass' facility, the cost is about $400 for the glass and $250 for labor, or $650.
I had the 93 coach's windshield replaced locally. All they needed was the information printed in the corner of the windshield. They got the glass from who knows where, I didn't ask. I think I paid about 650.
Matt Russos son owns Performance Glass in Raceland. He did mine and did a great job, also has done a few other Newells. I think he has 50amp hookup at his shop.
Matt's son did a great job on mine.

I used the 50 amp plug at the shop.
I am looking possibly a part number for the windshield does anyone of my coach vintage have other numbers in the corner of the glass other than the numbers in the photo attached here 

It's the driver side front windshield that is need of replacing thanks
That's enough to give any glass shop.
Thanks Richard I sent them this and it has not helped. Hoping someone else had other numbers like a part number. 
I think those numbers are the DOT specs that the glass was manufactured under in 1996.
You could either call Newell or have your glass shop call them.
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