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Full Version: HWH RAP1940 6 Pack Air Solenoids Rebuild Kits
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rebuild kit for HWH 6pack air leveling valves for newells

after a ton of research, i have put together the parts to rebuild the leveling air solenoid valves on the 6 packs of our newells.  (the ones that have HWH systems)

these are specific to the valve pictured in the pictures and is the HWH RAP 1940 

it does appear to work also for the older KIP valves that have a larger orfice that are on the early 90's to late 80's newells.  I do not guarantee that they will work with the KIP valves, but the bodies do seem to be identical from comparing them.  

i have worked with the manufacturer of the plunger that has the seat on it to get EXACTLY the right one and accompaning spring.    

I will do a large group order and put together a kit that allows you to rebuild 6 valves.  i will be fronting alot of money so i am hoping to get an indication of how many kits you would want.  

the kit will contain.   (the picture shows only 1 set for a single valve.  there will be enough for 6 valves)

a solenoid wrench made for these valves.  it takes the nut off of the coil, and then the other side has the nubs to remove the stem from the brass body so you can replace the plunger and spring and o ring.  

6 plungers (the cylinder that has the blue seat on the end that seals the valve shut)

6 new springs for the plunger

6 sets of O rings  (the two for the outside of the brass body on the bottom and the one on the inside).   the inner ring is a square ring when i took them apart, but the manufacturer has replaced them with round o rings, so that is what will be included.  

it will cost $75 shipped to you via USPS flat rate.  If you are outside of the US, it will be whatever the incremental cost is.

I need to do an order for them to manufacture the plungers.  I will carry the costs and assume that I can get enough takers to make it work.  

Once i get a feel for how many you guys will want, i will place the order and get it all started.  

I already have the o rings and wrenches.  

I am not a business and this is just a way to help all of us with these valves that have caused us so many issues.  The only guarantee is that they are the right parts.  

if you have questions let me know

the biggest issue with our systems is contamination of the air systems.  it gets to the valve and scores the seat. 

I am planning on probably doing a buy such that i will have 30 kits available.  basically 200 valves worth....

I am not asking for money up front, just want to know if you are strongly interested.  

the best way would be to email me at

one other thing is i dont want to piecemeal these things out. too much of a hassle for me. so i am wanting to do them in kits of 6 only.

I'll take three kits sir. Thank you.
If it is OK to place the order here, I would like two kits.
Three for me too.
Thanks for putting this together.
Two kits for me please. Thank you for doing this.
Nando Garbarino
Tom, two kits here also.
Two kits for me please. Thank you for doing this
Two kits and THANKS!
Two kits please! and thank you!
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