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Full Version: Propane Gas Smell
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Guys once this summer we pulled over because we thought we smelled propane. I used a propane detector and could not find anything. The smell ceased. I have had a gas detector alarm in the coach the last couple of years and it's never gone off. Which brings me to today. 

The coach was winterized a week ago. I pulled it out of the barn today and drive it to my house to empty it of things for the winter. As I worked in some of the bays I kept getting a slight smell of propane. I checked and the main valve was closed. It has been closed for several weeks. We could smell it inside the coach a little as well. The tank is about half full. 

Any ideas of how it could be creating a smell if it's shut off?  I read online there is a pressure release valve. However, it seems that this only activates if the tank is overfilled. My tank is only half full so I assume it should not be venting right???

I think I will take it to the RV place here in town and have them hunt this smell down. Maybe do a pressure check to see if there is a leak. Any other ideas or suggestions guys?  A gas leak scares the heck out of me. 
OTod, have you done the soap bubbles (make some out of a bubbly dish soap) in a pump sprayer?  If your propane tank is original it could be leaking or the gauge or fittings. Close the valve and start spraying the tank and all the plugs and fittings.. Then work out from there...  Moisture can collect in the tank and cause pinholes as well as the lines over the years...
Tod, Are you sure it is propane?? If the P traps of the sinks or shower dries out it will let fumes from the holding tank into the coach. I have noticed this after the coach has set for a while, allowing them to dry out. If you drive it or there is windy conditions it becomes apparent. I think that under "just right" conditions even after normal use there could be enough vacuum in the drain lines to suck the water out of a trap.
I realize this is a "long shot" and that everyone "smells" different. I have noticed these odors in an all electric coach so I KNOW it is not LP but could easily be confused with LP by some.
Jimmy gave you some great advice and that is most likely what any RV Repair would start with so you can save a little time & $$$. A solution of dish soap & water (not too much soap) in a spray bottle and get after it. Best to start around the fittings and then the rest of the tank but if yours is anything like mine these are very robust.
Most likely it will be something more like what Hoosier stated. Did you put any antifreeze in your drains or holding tanks?
good luck!
Strong smell this morning when I went in to spray with soapy water. It was very appearent in the bay where the tank is. Nothing bubbled near gauges, fittings etc on the tank that I could see. I took it and dropped it off at the RV repair place. I don't want to monkey with gas. Worst case I will ask them to drain it if they cannot find anything. That way it won't blow up this winter and if there is still a smell then maybe it is something else.

So if the tank is leaking after 30 plus years how hard is it to find a replacement and how tough is it to replace? Looks like it is bolted in and they would have to move the fuel water separator out but otherwise just goes straight into the bay from what I can see.
So the tank has leaks at the fill valve and the gauge. The RV repair does not fix these but a local propane company wants the coach tomorrow and said they can drain and fix it. Check one more off the shrinking list of what can be fixed or updated on this coach. Glad we found it.
Best part is this may be a simple fix. I am sure that replacing the tank could be much worse.
Glad you were diligent
Good call...That repair will certainly give you more "peace of mind"!