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Full Version: Wintering in a Newell - leaky skin...
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We have spent the winter (up to February so far) in Alabama and have not had too many problems.  The AquaHot system is working admirably and after I get it serviced it will probably work even better.
We have also noticed a few leaks here and there from the lights in the bedroom and galley.  Newell said they are probably from condensation inside the skin of the coach when it is warm inside out COLD outside... Makes sense but has anyone else seen this?
we are wintering about 4 hours north of seattle Washington in Canada. Evening temps in Dec And Jan have been in that 12 to 20 degrees with no leaking or condensation problems of any sort. We have no slides of course which may be the helping factor.
Where in Canada are you staying? We live on Vancouver Island.
We are in the Okanagan valley in osoyoos British Columbia.
I know the area. We are presently down south in California. If you ever make it over to Vancouver Island give us a call.

I have not observed that with the Newells I've owned. If it is condensation, then of course the water is already in the air of the interior. The three primary sources of water would be respiration, cooking, and showering. So, just stop breathing, eating, and bathing to see if it goes away. Seriously, you are an experienced RVer, and interior moisture can be a problem in the winter.

Are you condensing water on the windshield overnight when the temps drop? That would be a clue if it's interior moisture.

I would be headed to the roof with a caulking gun. Have you sealed the penetrations since you purchased the coach?
LOL, Richard! yes we have tons of moisture inside the front window and on all the windows if we leave the curtains down... We have a dehumidifier going, maybe we need a bigger one! We never had these issues (not really a problem just annoying) with our other coaches other than the walls freezing in -20 for a month in the Foretravel (it was from moisture under the Windows) ...
Maybe I do need to get on top of the coach and put self-leveling sealant on the seams ... Have not been up there and it looks scary not have goat rails like the Wanderlodge had!
For living in the winter a dehunidifier is a good idea. Also wipe the walls of the shower after each shower so that water goes down the drain rather that into the air.
What kind of vents do you have? Can you crack one or two to get a wee bit of air flow. The Newell is sealed up tight and the water you are generating has no where to go. It would be a good idea to find a way to get all that moisture out. It cannot be good long term
We have a Fantastic fan on both sides of the coach (bath/kitchen and toilet/kitchen).
We do have a dehumidifier going in the front and we always squeegee out the shower and walls along with having a vent going and both doors closed (mid bath)... I am going to get another dehumidifier for the rear bedroom (EvaDry from Amazon - works well).