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Full Version: Sharp R9H76 Convection Microwave
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I was cooking in convection mode and it shut down completely. The breaker is on and the TV works so the circuit seems to be working. Nothing lights up on the face.
Is there a fusible link or fuse? How do I remove it?

I would be very careful with the insides of a microwave oven. Super high danger levels! But, with that said, I saw that there is a fuse inside the sharp. I also saw a video online about a Panasonic where the fuse was located on the power supply board.

Before I spent any time and money on the current unit, maybe you should price out a new unit. My microwave / convection blew up when I was at Newell and they slapped another one in. I don't remember the price but it did not hurt much compared to other stuff that they were doing.
Does it say where the fuse is located?
I'm wondering what secures the unit in the cabinet too.
The replacement looks to be over $400, if it is a fuse , that
would be good.
The guy in the video took the case off of the unit and it was right there on the power supply board. Yes, it would be great if it was just a blown fuse but that usually means something else has gone amiss. Again, the insides of microwave ovens are very bad places! Many dangerous voltages and currents lurk there!

I bet you could get a reasonable repair price if you took the unit to one of the few remaining small appliance repair shops.
Steve, Mine is secured by screws underneath the cabinet.  Two screws that go into the front two legs of the microwave.
Mine was secured with screws from the bottom as well. If that unit has some age on it a fuse going bad is not uncommon. Use typical caution as you would for any electric appliance. There are components that "store" electricity that will be "hot" even if it is unplugged. It is designed to be serviced.
Thanks everyone. The screws are underneath the front two legs. In high school, I worked in a TV repair shop. You never forget contact with the capacitors! I'll take a look and be careful while doing it. The coach is a '97 so maybe it will just be a fuse. It has low hours so we'll see.
When you get it out, take the cover off the oven. The fuse is located on the circuit board behind the control panel. It is a piece of cake. It's less than an hour project
The fuse was blown. Lowe's and Home Depot have them in Electrical.
It was held in by the two screws on the bottom of the cabinet going up thru
the front rubber legs under the microwave, and an "L" bracket at the back
screwed into the wall. You have to remove the filter under and to the back of
the unit. You can look up and unplug the cord while you are there.
Thanks for all the help!
Congrats! That is cool! Good job and thanks for the report...future gurus will also thank you!
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