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Full Version: Yahoo Accounts IMPORTANT
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We are just now finding out the scope of the data breach at Yahoo. Approximately 1/2 MILLION Yahoo accounts were hacked back in 2014. The breach includes email addresses, names, passwords, security questions, telephone numbers, and birthdays. If you have a Yahoo email account, or an account with Yahoo's other sites, such as Tumblr or Flickr, you need to take immediate action. Log into to your account and change your password, then change your security questions. If you use those passwords or security questions on ANY other account, it is advisable to change those also.
It was not 1/2 MILLION, it was 500 MILLION accounts hacked.
Oops, sorry about that, meant to say 1/2 BILLION. That's what I get for posting about midnight. Thanks for catching that Jon!!
I am now hearing that as many as 3 billion accounts may be affected.