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Full Version: Air Dryers??
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Can the air dryers on Newell's be removed without letting the air out of the system or can they be replaced simply by unscrewing the canister and putting on the new one?  They are a little difficult to get to, but believe that i can get loose and off using a big filter wrench.

They can be removed without letting air out of the system. They are usually a BEAR to remove. If the big filter wrench slips, clean the cannister with a solvent to remove the grease. Wrap it with self sealing pipe repair tape (Lowes) which is super sticky. It will cling to the cannister, and give the wrench something to grip.

Grunt !

Please, crib underneath the coach at a hard chassis point. You'll be in a tight place and you don't want the coach to squeeze you and ruin your day. You'll find a great point right behind the tag mud flap just before the engine cradle starts to use as a hard chassis support.
Bob, I have always been able to remove my air dryer by raising the coach with the air bags and then reaching in from the out side behind the tag.  It has always worked for me without getting under the coach.

Same here, but even reaching through, you are in a spot that is a pinch point if the coach were to drop.
Reaching through won't crush you if the bags let go, it will just result getting cut in two. The odds of it dropping are really really small. It’s one of those low probability high consequence issues. Some of us will take that risk, I do sometimes underlimited circumstances, other won't do it at all.

If you do choose to raise the coach using the air bags I personally wait a half hour or so if taking the small risk of death so that the increased stress from inflation on the bags has time to find any weaknesses and blow before I crawl into the danger zone. It would be smarter to take that same time to install Jacks or cribbing, the fact that I sometimes don't and am still here proves absolutely nothing.
Always nice to have some jack stands handy. BTW I have a pair of 6 ton jack stands I don't need. I'll sell them cheap to whoever wants to come get them. The lowest height is 16".
Yes, I have a 12 X 12" by 3 foot piece of wood under the rear hitch when I do this, and the same in the front of the coach.  In the front I have cut the pieces where they will just fit upright under the front skids.  I have let all the air out and these pieces hold the coach just fine.
Thanks to everyone who provide their advice and comments.  I am sure that we will be able to remove and replace the air dryer without any major problems or accidents.
Just changed out mine, strap wrench just slipped, big channel locks just crushed the filter. Ended up driving a 10 inch nail through filter near bottom and using it, and hammer to unscrew it.
Does Newell change this filter as part of their PM? The PO had a full PM in April. How often does the air dryer need to be replaced?