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Full Version: Brand and model of 110v compressor
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"Below is a pic of my 110v compressor. It was last replaced 7/28/15. anyone know the brand and model?

Also, where is the 12v compressor? The PO said Creslie told him not to replace it even though it does not work. However, I gather from reading here, it can flush the toilet and open doors. Sounds worthwhile to either have a spare 110v or replace the 12v.

Thanks Mike
Mike, that is a Thomas. I think if you can get your phone into the side with the round start capacitor, I just see a label there for model number. Do a forum search for Thomas, and read the threads.

A 12 VDC compressor is handy for two reasons. One, if dry camping it will provide air for doors and potties without using as much battery power as the 110VAC compressor. Two, in storage the 12VDC compressor will keep the slide seals inflated and operate doors. Mine cycles infrequently used like this, whereas my 120 VAC will cycle once an hour. Why? cause the 12 VDC is only piped into a much smaller pneumatic loop thus reducing the places for air to leak.