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Full Version: AquaHot Exhaust Blowout
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We had to retreat to the coach as a result of the Hurricane Sandy Snowstorm. I noticed a strong diesel odor in the coach while running the AH. I had a chance to look into it today, and I was shocked by what I found. There was a huge hole in the exhaust system just shy of where it turns up to go thru the roof. I didn't have time to work on it today but first glance looks like a piece of threaded pipe, maybe one and a half inches comes out of the AH and then regular exhaust pipe is welded to an elbow. All of this is covered with fiberglas insulation. I have no idea how much of the pipe is rusted out. That will determine how I go about repairing it. I am going to check to make sure that the vertical pipe is obstructed with a birds nest or something. I had a big hole in the pipe like there was a blow out or something.

Have any of you replaced the exhaust pipe on the AquaHot?
Yes. I will be glad to discuss and document with you or any other interested Gurus via private email only.
Russ, for future reference, I would like to be included in the AH exhaust repair issue. My email is Is there a problem with posting it here?
On the way Chester and Richard.
It will be a while before I get a chance to address this. I. Will take pics and show the approach. I am hoping that I can split the coupling with a side grinder to break tha end loose and salvage the elbow at the other end I think I can mig weld to the elbow and mig the coupling to the other end
in the case of russ, was the rusted out piece at the curve of the junction of the genny and aquahot going up to the roof because water had gotten in the exhaust tip at the roof and settled at the low point which must have been that junction?

aquahot shows having a condensate drain unless the low point is where the exhaust tip is. the condensate drain shown in their material is a small hole drilled in the elbow of the exhaust right under the aquahot. doesnt exhaust come out then? or is the hole so small not really.

Yep my blowout was in the same place. I have no idea if there was once a drain hole or not. If I decide to put a hole there I will weld in some reinforcement or it will be a good place for rust to start. As far as a exhaust leak through the drain hole I am now worried about that. I think that it would prefer to go though a two inch pipe instead of a small hole and the heat of the exhaust will make it go up
Would a raincap work to keep rain out of the exhaust?
Those rain caps may tend to rattle...I bought a stainless steel exhaust "downturn" for my through roof generator exhaust. Not totally sealed but certainly minimizes rain going down the pipe.
mine already has that style of turndown on it.

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