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Full Version: Cetane Diesel booster
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Looking for brand names of Diesel booster additives if anyone from the forum is using them in your  coachs. I have been researching differant products all claiming to dramatically increase fuel eonomy, ect. Any feed back is appreciated. Mike
I am not a fan of additives. Especially additives that claim to fix water problems. I could go into a Chem Engineers discussion about the solubility of methanol in diesel, but I won't.

I have run straight diesel for 10 years with nary a problem.

I brokered for Central Petroleum Company years ago. They have decades of experience with many industrial and agricultural petroleum applications. I have used the oils and fuel conditioners for 30 years. They are not real flashy, they don't make a lot of wild claims, sold mostly through local representatives. IMHO best quality/price available. You can call them directly. I have no commercial interest.
What is cetane and why does it matter? Cetane number is a measure of how quickly diesel fuel ignites and burns as it is injected into the engine cylinder. Changing the cetane number changes the engine firing timing, the higher the number the earlier the burning. You can equate it with effecting the engine timing. If the cetane number is too low ignition is delayed and incomplete combustion occurs. If the cetane number is too high the engine will rattle and fight itself.

Commercial diesel fuel has cetane numbers in the 40's (with a max of 53 if I recall correctly). Most is in the mid 40's, again if I recall correctly. Given the current crude oil feedstocks and refining processes used to make the diesel fuel used in our size engines it is necessary for the refiner to add cetane improvers to get to the specified cetane number. These cetane improvers are the same ones sold in bottles at your auto parts stores.

The reliable scientific research on the relationship between fuel mileage and cetane is scarce but consistently shows that there is little improvement in fuel mileage with increases in cetane number as long as you are using fuel that meets standard specifications used in our fuel distribution and sales system. However, if you were to come upon a fuel that was less then 40 cetane number you would benefit by adding a cetane booster, but then how would you know? When was the last time you fueled up and checked the cetane number? I never have.

So why haven't I ever used a cetane booster despite all the attractive hype? Given that I believe what I've written above is the real reality, there is no apparent gain for me and it's a hassle. Besides, if there were a gain to be had of 5-10% as the promoters of these products insist there is, the trucking companies would all be demanding that the refineries add a bit more of the juice they are already adding. Given they are aren't doing that but instead are investing in all sorts of aerodynamic improvements, new design tires, and new engine technologies to gain a few percent here and there tells me there is no real gains to be had.

As Richard said there is a huge amount that could be said, but you would all nod off before you got through it.