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Full Version: VMS coach diag plug
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After reading the posts about the SilverLeaf on this forum, I finally got the program.  I elected to get the 6 plug/ 4 wire without the adapter thinking I'd just hard wire it, but I found the coach diagnostic plug has 7 wires - any guess what the additional 3 do?
This is from Silverleaf and may help:
(01-20-2017, 11:54 AM)folivier Wrote: [ -> ]This is from Silverleaf and may help:

Thanks, but that's basically a generic diagram which unfortunately doesn't help identify the extra wires or those with numbers clearly stamped.  But I guess it doesn't matter since they only use four wires anyway.
I think the others are for proprietary DD diagnostics. Possibly to write to the ECM. But not 100% sure on that.
My advise is to buy the plug rather than hard wire. If you keep the existing port then a Detroit Engine Analysis Computer can be connected if needed in the future.
You can use the crimp on wire taps and have the best of
i did what richard did. permanent for me and still have the plug accessable

You could check with Silverleaf to make sure it works, but you can use a $5 plugin connector to connect ODB2 and connect to your PC with WiFi or bluetooth.
GM 12 Pin To OBD1 OBD2 16 Pin Diagnostic Tool Cable Connector Adapter
since DDEC is detroits proprietary interface it wont work at all with obd2 or any other interface.

thats what i think anyway

Well I finally finished installing the Silverleaf system and I have it connected to a 10" ToteVision Tablet. This Tablet is pretty cool in that it has SSD with Windows 7 and it also has a 3G sim card slot to enable an internet connection from AT&T, Verizon, Sprit, etc. I'm still sorting out what information I can and can't get, but even with what I do get, it's so much more than the dash gauges.
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