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Full Version: Best VMSPC PC? plus bonus mounting question.
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I ordered a VMSPC from Silverleaf today...but I am torn as to what to display it on or where to mount display.

I have a new Microsoft Surface Book that runs Windows 10 and has a couple of USB ports.  It is overkill for this, but can be setup like a laptop or like a tablet.

I know some others have Surface Pro tablets.  These are cheaper and lighter and could work.

Any thoughts about the ones you have used?

I also need to figure out a place to mount the display.  I know some have just tucked a tablet in front of dash gauges.  I am worried that I cannot see the display.  (I can barely see the gauges over the steering wheel).

I already have an iPad mini mounted to the right above the dash that runs the weather radar program I wrote.  

So, does anyone have a setup that they really like?

I mounted mine where it obstructs only the clock.
Ours is on an older laptop that just sits on the console on "no slip" material. Big enogh display that I can easily see it and can split to show GPS navigation program at same time.

I run ours on an older netbook. It has about a 8 inch screen. I have it sitting on the middle of the console to the left of my sight line to the passenger mirror.

I have the speedo in a BIG block on the display. I use that instead of the factory unit which is harder for me to see.

I like the fact that the instrument display mounted up on the console does not require me to take my eyes very far from the road to scan.

Like Clint, I can also run Streets and Trips, but Rhonda is usually all over the Nav so I don't really need that.
Bill, here is the frame I constructed and the 12" Asus tablet which is very visible while driving.  It is easy to remove it to see the original dash gauges while traveling.
I also run mine on a 15.6" laptop on the center console on the thick non-slip drawer liner. I also use a HUD GPS speedometer so I don't have to look down to see my speed. I found that the HUD GPS speedometer could be velcroed to the top of the steering column so I can see the display on the windshield but the bright display unit isn't visible from outside the coach like it was when I had it mounted on the dash.