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Full Version: Precision temp hydronic heat
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Hello I am looking at the Precision temp twin temp junior. Does anyone one have any experience with this system?

I am sure these are fine if using a large propane tank is okay with you.

Aqua Hot has a propane system that is similar for upscale 5th wheels. Turns out Integra Aspire 45 foot four slide diesel motorhome is the volume pruchaser for now.

Aqua Hot also has a AHE 400D modle just like the two above except it has a diesel burner instead of propane burner. You have a bunch of diesel onboard, so you might also consider one of these. I would expect the diesel to be more money to purchase, however. One reason to consider the diesel is the diesel tank will last longer than the propane tank before refill is needed.

All the best in your research.
Thanks for the reply. I have looked at the aqua hot and they are double the price. Our coach has a very large propane tank so that isn't a problem. We don't stay stationary for long so filling a tank is no worry. The whole point of getting a hydronic system is to get rid of the current propane water heater and propane heaters. Our old duo therm heaters are a safety hazard.

Once you get it installed, you will really enjoy the quiet heat and looong showers.

Orient the unit for easy access and mount it right at the edge of the bay.  I spend half of my repair time laying in the basement wondering why the access is so close to a wall.  The SOB manufacturers do not give much considration to maintenance.