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Full Version: question on how low you go fuel wise
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hi all,

how low will you go in terms of diesel fuel in the tank.  i have a single 235 gallon diesel tank.  

of course the gauge is not incredibly accurate from what i can tell.  

how much reserve do you make sure you have?  or a different way of asking, i wonder how much fuel is still in the tank when the pickup wont suck anymore diesel out of the tank.   

and of course i know the genny fuel pickup is higher than the main engine one.  

I would fill when I was still above 1/4. And I relied on VMSPC gauges. I found it was pretty accurate, more so than the dash gauge.
Tom you can calculate gal in tank at genny pick up by measuring to get cubic inches. Remember to allow for metal thickness on walls of tank. Convert cubic inches to cubic feet by dividing by 1728. Each cubic foot has 7.4805 gallons. I also use VMSPC and find it is within +/- 1 gallon on 200 gallon fuel burn. I try to always fuel before going lower than 50 gal remaining just in case I run into an issue find access to fuel such as late at night or on weekend in really small towns. Before VMSPC I would also use odometer & figure 5 mpg to be on safe side to not run out of fuel.
I also use the VMSPC and have found that it is very accurate. However, if I use the generator for a lot of hours, I deduct .8 GPH from the VMSPC reading. Since Flying J give such a great discount, I take into account where the next Flying J is located.
Forgot to mention that our genny is on aux tank so VMSPC is not affected by genny use. Good point Chester. Fuel burn on genny averages +/- .5 - .75 gal per hr.