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Anyone going into southern AZ....There is a park called Tombstone Territories...appropriately located just outside Tombstone AZ.  Beautiful park...all sites are  pea graveled, and large.  The park is very roomy, clean, easy in...easy out.  We stay here every time we visit my brother who lives in Hereford AZ. 

Anyone traveling to the Keys in Florida....check into Bluewater Key Motorcoach.  Think it is at Milemarker 14 or 15.  Beautiful resort!  We stay here at least once a year for a week.  You are only 15 minutes from Key West.

Anyone traveling thru Georgia.....Coastal Georgia RV Resort in Brunswick GA.....great park!  We also stay here often on our way from our home in Blythewood SC to our home in Englewood FL. 

Hope these suggestions have helped a little. Big Grin
That stirs up some memories. I was inside my first ever Newell at Bluewater RV Resort many years ago. I still remember wondering if I could ever effort one. The answer was a resounding NO for a new one, but I did get one with a few years on it many years later.
Bluewater - well the Keys in general - is expensive. Just checked the rates for next season and they run from $150 to over $200 per night. But hey, you can wear your shorts and sandals in January! Russ