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Full Version: Navagation System
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I want to upgrade the Navigation System in my 1988 Coach, 174, which is currently..........A Map. A friend recently purchased a new Alegro and the Nav system predicts things like covered bridges, traffic congestion and can plot a course amenable to your coach size and weight. Any Suggestions.

My new Rear View Safety camera is sure a big improvement even though I had to fish the cable all the way up from the Bedroom. Removing the old one was no walk in the park, but surely worth the effort.
I am currently looking at the Garmin Dezl series, specifically the Dezlcam model with built in dash cam.
Lots of desirable features and free lifetime map updates.
We have a laptop on the center console that runs Delorme for navigation and Silverleaf VMSP for engine data in digital read out. I like the BIG display as compared to standard stand alone GPS units.
I have the Dezl 760. It has a 7" screen vs the 6" screen of the one with the camera built in. I like it, but you have to take its directions with a grain of salt. It has led me down a two lane road only to tell me that "Truck Accessibility is Unknown". Gee Thanks!

One good thing about the Dezl is that it is very easy to see. The antiglare coating really works well. It also has voice commands so you can say "Voice Command, Find Category, Rest Area" and it will display the next rest areas along your route.

There is an RV version of the Dezl that will interface to a camera.
I have a 12" Asus tablet for the Silverleaf VMSP and Garmin 7" dezl which provides height and weight alerts for truckers and RVs as well as roads that they have inadequate information on. The Dezlcam mentioned above looks interesting.