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If you were designing a new campground. What amenities at the campsite would you like to see.. what would make it a desirable place to stay,
I don't use many of the 'amenities' at campgrounds (putt putt golf, children's playgrounds, laundry rooms, rest rooms, etc). What I look for is wide sites, wide streets with easy maneuverability and trees and bushes trimmed away from the sites and roads so I don't end up scraping the paint on my coach. Paved streets are a plus and paved area to park the coach which is level with the utilities located in a convenient place.

On a recent trip I stayed in one very expensive park that had the sewer connection located in the center of the site (side to side) and at the rear of the coach, if you backed up too far you could not get to the sewer connection. Several had the sewer connection located so far to the front or rear that I had to use 3 sections of sewer hose to hook up.

I do appreciate fast WiFi (rare), fast and efficient check-in (not as common as it should be), and of course for those of us who travel with pets a LARGE dog run, not those silly little things that are too small for a 4 pound cat.
Easy in and out with large radius turns in the campground.
Concrete Pads.
Reasonable spacing between sites.
Make the entrance wide enough to get in and out. I hate those blasted narrow gates at the entrance. For example Santa Fe Skys.
Landscaping, grass.
Good water and water pressure.
Pavers and nice table at the site.
Long enough for cars and rigs. I don't like cars or tow vehicles encroaching on the roads.
Pull throughs are nice, but only if the angle is shallow enough to allow you to actually pull in. Otherwise, I would just as soon back in.

High bandwidth wifi would be nice, but we don't make campground decisions based on Wifi.

Don't care a whit about laundry or showers.

Can take or leave pools and hot tubs.
Make it level.

Where we have been for 4 months visiting children and grandchildren, there is an 18" difference from front to back.

I will need to get a special lift in one of my shoes when we leave

Great to work on the front of the coach   Rolleyes
Dittos on the points made above. One thing I have seen occasionally is a lighted power post. That is very handy when checking in after dark.
Would having a covered outdoor cooking/bar area be a big plus?
covered bbq area would not sway me. one of the things i really dislike is when they put rocks or curbs on corners. i know they do it to keep you from driving on grass/rocks, but i had to move some rocks at a place this last june to just get out.

i do like a pool.

Make the sewer hookup at ground level or better recessed a bit. Where I'm at now the sewer hookup is higher than my valve.
Trees, I like shade but keep them trimmed back enough for the types of RV's you want to attract.
Pull throughs that you can maneuver through without unhooking your tow car.
Separation between sites, either a fence or bushes.
Have a separate dog barking area. (Just kidding!)
Clean private bathhouse showers. Had to use them for a few days when water heater went out.
Large roomy sites. Huge turning radius corners & pull through that does not require you to drop toad. We also really like gated parks. They make us feel a little more secure. Although I must add, we have never had any issues in some of the shall we say "less than desirable" parks that we have had to stay in. Seems most RV folks kind of adhere to an unwritten code of ethics regarding fellow RVers. Kind of like "Carnies" in a way.
Oh yeah, do the homework, and orient the sites so that the longways of the site is in line with DirectTV and Dish coordinates. That way you can have shade and satellite,

Covered cooking area would be nice but it wouldn't be a deal maker or breaker for me.
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