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Full Version: Coming soon?????
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you are a brave man. i sure hope it turns out well.

What better person to build an rv resort than a true RVer himself. CHEERS to you!!!
When will you be ready for a rally?
Will this be an ownership park or strictly rentals? Class A only? Or? What amenities are you planning?
Hope by end of march it will be open. We are going through zoning now.. it's in the Fayetteville area. Probably will be rentals to begin with. We are setting aside 5 acres for ownership in the future but for now it will just be rentals. We will also have a food truck food court at the front of the park before you pul into the gatesSmile it will have a clubhouse ,and jacuzzi, washer dryers ,small putting green, dog park, and we butt up against a city park with some amazing hiking walking and bicycle trails. We also are against the nwa biking trail. You will be able to bike from the campground to Missouri.