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Full Version: New Premium Sites in Amana Iowa
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I have a bunch of questions for you if your interested! Anyone's input is welcome.

Over the last couple years I have installed around 200 full hook ups for a local RV park in Amana Iowa.  There going to put in about 50 more full hook ups on current electric sites to meet rally requests.  The park was designed as a Farm Progress Show site in the 90's, the RV park was a after thought when the bid was lost for the Farm Progress Show in the late 2000's.  It is not a park with mountain views or desert landscapes with few trees but the new manager has the same ideas and visions I have.  She wants to make it a beautiful destination not just a overnight parking area.  Trees are being planted and this is the first major design influence since the park was created.  It dose not compare to where the Newell Rallies are held for breathtaking views but it has beautiful Iowa surroundings and very nice bike trails with the Amana Colonies a half mile away. 

The exciting part is they have 18 acres of virgin ground to develop and they want a couple proposals for premium sites from me.  I know that 50 amp hook ups are a must with water and septic.  What other things are desired.  The current sites are back in with a few pull through.  The new ones will all be pull through.  Most around here are around 100 feet long.  What is a standard length and are the utilities located in the middle normally?  There don't seem to be many standards out there that I can find. 

Have you ever used roundabout pull through sites?  They would like to see one proposal using some of them. I have seen them but never used them.  What are your thoughts?  

The other two proposals will be straight sites and angle parking sites.  Keeping in mind that the more sites the more appealing the development is for funding and generating revenue.  I need to find the happy medium. 

Ok go for it, what do you think? 

I have not seen a 100 amp coach, but a KOA owner I spoke with said the latest rv shows have several 5th wheels and coaches with 100 amp 2 pole input. 100 amps at 240 volts, as opposed to the norm of 50 amps 2 pole 240 volts. I wonder if in a few years this will be the norm..
We have discussed that option and will most likely be putting in 20 of them. The price increase is significant compared to 50 amp. They will be in one row and have two fifty amp plug ins and one 100 amp plug in on the pedestal. Don't need that many in one pull through site but that's the way the pedestal comes.

They had two people ask last year for 100 amp service. The largest is currently 50 amp in the park.
Sorry for he duplication here, I was just referred to the thread started by Yachts. I was looking through that thread and see most of my questions are answered.

Pictures of the current Amana RV Park.

Aerial photo.

The area all the way to the right within the fence that is undeveloped is what were designing.
I like an angle site pull through. If you set up an angle pull through at around 100 feet and provide two sets of hook-ups it could service one big rig or two smaller rigs if necessary. Be sure the trees they plant will provide adequate clearance to the RV when they are fully mature. Having seen your work when we visited that campground a couple years ago I hope you get the bid!!!
what a cool looking place. i do have a question. what is all that green stuff?

tom who lives in the desert
Wow a lot of questions.. pm me and we can swap phone numbers and ideas. We have made significant progress in our design and might be able to give you some insight
The trees they planted are maple and oaks, they will need some trimming in the future to keep them out of travel areas.

The green is beautiful for us in the Midwest. Lots of oak timber close and farm fields with corn and beans.
Beautiful bike trails all around and the Amana Colonies for dining and touristy stuff. Great destination to go wine tasting and dining.

PM sent Marc.
One concern for the trees is to make sure they do not block satelite tv signal.