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Full Version: Clogged fuel filter
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[attachment=5210]So I found the filters and cut them open. The longer one is located on the engine compartment wall and the shhorter one is mounted at the engine.
I assume that is the correct order but not sure. Can anyone verify that? Any way that is how these were. No sure what color they should be. I tried wiping with paper towel and nothing got on the towel but some fuel. Not sure why the longer one has a lighter section, that is not sunlight on the filter.
Try slicing in open with a cut parallel to the ends.
Will do tomorrow. What am I looking for?
You need to look at the "dirty" side of the filter to see what may have stopped it up.   It might look something like this:

Russ: Now those are dirty filters.
As you can see mine are not like yours. Just blackish.
Wondering if they should be amber like the color of diesel fuel.

I just posted some pics from the net of dirty diesel filters - thankfully not mine.
Yours look to me like you may have an algae problem. But I am not the expert. I hope others will look and offer their opinion. Definitely clogged with something, but I guess you already knew that.
Looks like the algae I picked up last summer. I used a biocide and changed the filters out 3 times to get it cleared.
Michael: aprox how many miles between changes or did you drive till you noticed a difference in power.
What was the biocide you used?

I was changing my filters about every 800-1000 miles. I think I used Biobor JF Diesel Fuel Biocide.
So I drained a gallon of fuel from the bottom of both tanks with very little debris coming out so I am leaning to the clogged filters just stuff probably being cleaned from the ultra low diesel and or bio diesel. I will definitely be carrying extra filters.

I also use the JF Diesel fuel biocide, I read that it is what the Coast Guard uses so i figured it must be good.
Does anyone know which filter attaches to the motor and which goes on the wall? I am not sure If I have it right. The dirtiest filter was the one on the motor.
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