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Full Version: Cadet electric heaters on late 80's to early 90's
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as i was showing my 90 coach to a fellow site member on saturday i was telling him all the things i had done to the 90. i replaced all 4 electric element heaters. the one under the bed, in the bathroom, in the wet bay and the long narrow one under the couch along with putting in new thermostats.

what i found when i replaced them is that most of them had been overheated somehow and the elements inside were glowing red hot and were melted partially in spots.

when you install them you can pick what heating wattage they will put out by changing some internal wiring.

if you change one make sure you wire it up to consume the same wattage as the old one.

just keep an eye out on them.

When we were in Moab in march I noticed the wall above the baseboard heater on Cindy's side was HOT. I touched the top of the heater and almost burned my hand. I quickly turned the thermostat off and pulled off the cover. The elements looked ok but when I turned it back on parts were around 500 F! That probably was hot enough to cause a fire. THe one on my side was ok, so I disconnected the wires on hers. When we got home in May I bought 2 new ones from Home Depot ($35.00 each) and will replace both when we return in the fall.
I had previously cleaned the one in the bathroom and the front but hadn't cleaned these.
The Dayton thermostat on the bed room baseboard heaters buzzed and tripped the breaker. I replaced it with a simple Honeywell - 2 wire manual thermostat for electric baseboard heat, it fit without any problem. Trouble is - the same condition continues - turn up the thermostat and it buzzes and trips the breaker. I assume one of the heaters must be shot and shorting. Any thoughts?

I'm with you. I think it points to the heater not the T/S.
use your infrared thermometer and look for hot spots on the element. If like mine it could start a fire.