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Full Version: dash air blower motors
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I replaced all 3 blower motors when we first got coach in 2010.  Had to replace one of them the other day. Original motors are no longer available. First replacement was with VDO pm3477 motors.  They are a bit larger in dia than originals & the motor mount bands need to be modified by "flattening" out arc to accomodate the new motor.  When I went to get replacement, both NAPA & Carquest could not find VDO pm3477 in their warehouses.  I had trouble finding then on e-bay as well.  4 Seasons 35490 motors are interchangeable with the VDO pm3477.  I ordered a 4 Seasons 35490 at Autozone store & got it in Monday.  It and the old VDO were both labeled Unimotor 14490 hecho en Canada.