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Full Version: Sierra wireless hot spot
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Has anyone used the ATT sierra hot spot to stream video?
I'm wondering about having one in our coach.
Info feedback will be appreciated
I have not heard of the Sierra hot spot, but we have an AT&T ZTE Mobley that allows us to connect up to 5 devices with unlimited data for $20 per month.  We watch Netflix and Amazon video without any issues as long as there is a signal in the area we are parked.
The AT&T ZTE Mobley $20 plan is no longer available.

From the AT&T Forum:
"If you are using a hotspot solution already built into your car, such as OnStar, there is a $20 Unlimited plan available which you can use. This article offers information on how to activate your service and choose the plan.
If you are using the ZTE Mobley hotspot accessory, the $20 Unlimited Standalone plan is no longer available. You would need to have a plan such as AT&T Unlimited Plus or Choice in order to activate the Mobley with unlimited service. Otherwise the options available are 1GB for $10 or 5GB for $25. Please visit this link to activate and select a plan."

That is a shame because it was a great plan but apparently they were experiencing higher usage than they expected so they are not allowing additional customers to sign up for the plan. I activated my Mobley plan in August and it is still functional and being billed at $20/month.