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Full Version: Heating Engine in cold temperatures
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That is the outlet for the engine pre-heater.

As long as the temperature is below freezing, I doubt that there is a time limit on running the heater but you should be able to feel the block getting warmer after 3-4 hours.
On the generator, hold the toggle switch down, like you were turning it off, for about ten seconds. Then see if it will crank. If you have the kohler/yanmar setup, holding the toggle switch down activates a small fuel heater in the diesel line to help with cold starts.

The white smoke you saw in the exhaust was unburned diesel.
Growing up in North Dakota, we had soft plug heaters (block heaters) on every vehicle.  On big V-8s, there were frequently two, one on each bank.  Move to Fairbanks and they have oil pan heaters and battery heaters, not to mention small dashboard electric heaters.  In ND, we plugged in when we got home and left them on all night when temps were below freezing.  If you didn't go out for a couple of days (too cold), they just stayed on.  Apartment houses and many hotels provided outlets for the heaters.  Moving south with the army, we were asked if we had an electric car because of the cords coming through the grille.
Thank you guys for all the help, yesterday night my wife told me if I was looking foe the switch she was pointing and it was right there on the bedroom dashboard (I know, too distracted looking for a light switch and it was right in front of me all the time) flipped it, leave it on all noght and this morning started right up, Happynes! We left early because there is a really cold front here so really happy I was able to start the coach (I'm havig some issues with the gas pedal but I can handle it, I've lost the car hitch while driving I think the cold made the metal shrink and the tow bar got separated from the attachmet in the RV)

Now, my new issue, can't start the generator! I've tried the preheat momentary switch on the dashboard but not sure if I should be keeping it flipped and for how long, the generator turns but never starts if anybody can help that will be great as I'm concerned that the engine will go cold and have issues to start it again with no shore power

Thank you SO much for all the help, it has been invaluable!
The Newell Owners Manual on my 1992 states "In cold weather, the preheat switch should be engaged for approximately 15 seconds prior to attempting to start the generator." Being a momentary contact switch, you must hold it in the heat position for those 15 seconds. I just checked the Owners Manual for a 1987 Newell and the same sentence is included.
PThank you Michael for your help I did try that but that didn't make a difference. In the end I just drove south as far as I could, stop and rest for 2 hours so the engine won't cool down too much and keep driving at some point I was able to open the generator bay, it was frozen shut, and there was a bypass switch connected to a fire extinguisher and that made it work, I guess the switch was frozen as well and not working.

Now resting at Myrtle Beach, SC with a beautiful 50 degrees! I never thought that I would say this but I was REALLY happy when temps started to climb up to 25 degress!

Thank you SO much for all the help it was really great to count with a lot of help when is really needed, I really hope I can return the favor at some point.

I'm attaching a picture of the panel I have in the bedroom (never looked at it and that is why I couldn't find the block heater switch) just in case it help anybody else at some point.

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