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Full Version: Thank You Richard!!!
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I recently made a post here on the NewellGuru site that noted I was in Florida; it turns out Richard read said post and realized that I was close by.  He invited me to stop by and overnight in his driveway.  I decided to take him up on his offer.

BikeStuff (Bill Johnson) was there as well in his coach, so Richard and Rhonda's yard was quite literally filled with Newells.  I have to say that this stop at Richard's was the highlight of my Florida trip! Richard and Rhonda were fantastic hosts, feeding us all a great fajita dinner, and then coffee w/ muffins in the morning.  It was great chatting with Richard, and Bill too, sharing Newell tips, stories, etc.  I found Richard to be an absolute wealth of valuable Newell information!!!

Richard and Rhonda, THANK YOU!  Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay!

Bill (Bikestuff), it was fantastic to meet you and put a face (and coach) with your name. 

To Richard & Rhonda, Bill, and any other NewellGuru member out there............I hope if you're ever in our neck of the woods you might allow us to repay the favor.  We are located in central Michigan and have plenty of room for Newells!
We enjoyed meeting you as well. I can only hope that this is just a beginning. We have so many valued friendships made through the Gurus.

BTW, Steve Bare now has some serious competition for the cleanest coach !