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Full Version: Aquahot puzzle
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Is it necessary to have water in the fresh water tank to run the aquahot? I usually drain our fresh water   If not in use for more than a month.

No freshwater is needed to run the heater function and engine preheat function.

BUT, you can not EVER drain all the freshwater from the Aqua Hot heater coils. So if the heater is off in freezing conditions, please, please call me for a new heater to replace the frozen cracked freshwater coils.

Winterizing the freshwater coils with pink freshwater antifreeze or leaving the electric element switch on even on a 20 amp service will protect the freshwater coils. Do not loose grid power for very long if using this method in freezing conditions.

Hope this helps you.
Thanks Rudy,
When not in use our unit stays in our heated shop. Good to know though just in case.
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