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Full Version: Aquahot Zone circulation pumps
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I was reading a thread on the Wanderlodge forum and they were talking about finding less expensive sources for the zone circulation pumps.

the official aquahot price for these pumps is $800.

the exact same pump is $210 at this particular place.

would have to make sure the connections are the same but they appear so.

here is a picture of the pumps i just took off of my coach

I tried the link above and it did not resolve - does anyone know where to get one of the Aqua-Hot zone pumps?
i dont know for sure these work but other forums seem to think so

Anyone know if they can be rebuilt?
I replaced my Zone 1 last year. it is a direct replacement. You have to prime it with antifreeze and make sure the flow arrow is pointing in the right direction. Don't ask how I know this.
Yachts, OEM parts are here, everything you will need.  David.