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Full Version: Fuel Hose (Line) Replacement
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I am starting to think about replacing the fuel hoses on my coach and looking for opinions. I believe my current hoses are original (36yrs) and probably braided Startlite (?). The supply is a -12 till it hits the water seperater, then is goes to -10 and stays -10 to the injector pump. I think the return line is -8, but havent confirmed it.

I have found 3 options.
1) Stay with Startlite
2) Eaton Synflex
3) Trident Barrier Lined

I am leaning toward the Synflex but the downsides are I need new hose ends, it seems only available through a dealer, concerned about abrasion and largest size is -10.  At 320hp I really dont see the -10 as a problems.

Opinions or other suggestions appreciated.
I am very interested in the responses to Marcus post as we have a 1983 that is not getting any younger. We are concerned with the 40 ft power steering lines and oil cooler lines also. I believe c Clarke has a hydraulic line blow last year on his 1982 ?
When I replaced the fuel lines in the 6V92TA powered 77 coach, I used the synflex type hose to and from the engine to the tank. The hoses around the engine I changed to Teflon lined reinforced hose. It was a decade or so ago, no problems since.

I pulled the steering hoses from that coach, took them to a local hose shop ang got something with the same ID, a smaller OD, and the same pressure rating. The smaller OD certainly made them easier to install.
Thanks for the info!
Spoke with pittsburghpower today about my fuel lines. They felt just about any new diesel fuel hose would be fine and they are currently using Weatherhead, an Eaton product. Regarding the size of the line, they are powering much bigger engines on smaller diameter hose, but they are not pulling the fuel as far. He thought it might be a good idea to stick with the -12 to provide a buffer for the 20 feet of draw. Keep them tied up and no reason to worry about abrasion. They also suggested a fuel restriction gauge as a way to monitor filter life and troubleshoot future problems.

I wont get to this project for a couple months now but will post updates when I get started.