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Full Version: Natchez Trace parkway
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Wondering if anyone knows if they enforce the total length limit including tow vehicle of 55 ft.
I drove the 39' from Natchez, MS to Tupelo and it was not a problem. Pretty drive. Some of the turnouts were a little small but mostly doable.
DO NOT drive the coach to the Visitors center just outside of Natchez. There is no parking for a big rig and if you continue past it you get to a Y intersection with a low clearance train trestle to the left and go into a subdivision the other way. Thankfully we weren't towing. Cindy had to stop traffic so I could get turned around!
Not sure north of Tupelo.
I drove the trace from Jackson, MS to near Tupelo, MS. I won’t do that again. The road is beautiful but it is built up and has fairly deep ditches on both sides of the road. It is strictly two lane and limited to 50 mph (or maybe slower).
Length won't be a problem if you stay on the Trace. Do however obey the speed limit. The rangers strictly enforce the speed limit on the Trace, The Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Shenandoah Parkway. They have NO sense of humor. As a cyclist, I appreciate the enforced speed limit since all three see heavy cycling traffic. I don't know how they would react to the total length.

It is beautiful, but not expedient.

We have camped in the Newell at the Rocky Springs. It's no hookups and the water available is bad. But the campsite was beautiful and plenty big.
Thanks Richard. Do you know if our big rig can fit in the campgrounds along the trail?
I don't know about all the campgrounds. I do know that you can fit in Rocky Springs.
Richard, Everything I read states the length limit. I am just concerned that if we travel all the way out there from Az. on our way back to the north east that we might be banned. Did you have a tow vehicle and did you see any other oversize rigs on the trail?
I am just under 70 ft.
I did have a tow vehicle. I did not see any oversize rigs on the Trace.

In my experience the National Park Rangers does not have a good sense of humor when it comes to traffic infractions.
If you make the trip and come across LA on I 20, stop by and visit.
Thanks Steve, I called the NPS and they said they would turn us away so I guess that trip is out of the picture.