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Full Version: UPS remote on/off
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What do you use for UPS in your home while you’re away?  My routers and cameras keep disconnecting when I am away from home for extended periods.  I want something that will keep the cameras up when the power goes out (which it does often but not for very long).  I was thinking about an internet-available UPS system since if the power is out the cable generally works and I can plug the router, cable modem, Wink hub, Phillips Hue hub, etc. to the UPS.  Maybe I need to add a UPS to each camera for if the power goes out (I can imagine a thief killing the power or cutting the cable internet at the street)...
Maybe I need a cellular backup system also...
I have considered using a 8d deep cycle battery, trickle charger and a inverter. I dont have that set up. I am currently installing a 11kw LP generator with auto start.
I use several APC XS1300 units at home. One for the cable modem, routers and switches, one for the security system (which also has a small backup battery inside it) and camera system (provides backup power for the cameras and the DVR) and one for the remote Network Attached Storage units. Wish I did have a whole house generator with auto start.