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Full Version: Coach Cover
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I don't have a covered storage option for my coach.  It is located on the banks of a lake and under a canopy of hackberry trees.  All kinds of rules would have to be broken to remove any of the tress, so that is not going to happen.  Every fall and for a period of about 5 to 6 weeks the tiny hackberry aphids, which look like snow falling, poop all over everything under the trees as they devour the leaves..  It is not a pretty sight.   In especially bad years the coach is almost black in areas that should be white.  It does come off with lots of elbow grease or a sizable check to my detailer.

I now spend that portion of the year onboard my boat, so a RV cover is an option.  I am sure the cover would be a mess, but if I could get a few seasons out of one it would pay off I think.

This is my way of asking the gurus about any experience you have had with covering your RV.  I am also open to opinions that it is just a bad idea.  Cover manufacturers that have worked for you would be appreciated.

I have treated the tress in the spring with some success.  That is not an inexpensive option either.

Thanks - Russ
No - that would not be permitted in the campground. I don't have a place for anything like that. Thanks - Russ
I have covered my coach. I did not secure the cover tightly. I have clear coat damage at the corners. If I cover again I will put shrink wrap or something else on the corners before putting the cover on